Welcome to 2019

Every January 1st brings with its new business goals and commitment to current ones. It`s a new month and a new year, and many of us will declare that we will do something different, something better, in our organization to start 2019. We state with conviction that this “will be the year” that we in IT will commit to something transformational to better our organization.  Well, let’s make it count!

Examine JUST ONE THING in the Data Center.  Be impactful in how you deliver your JD Edwards experience to your business users.  Keeping your applications resilient and available is always top priority.  Develop a Data Center Availability roadmap to ensure success to support our most important customer …our business.  Energize IT and Data Center operations back into shape to keep pace with the speed and needs of today’s economic climate.

To help you on the path towards IT transformation, here are the best resolutions or milestones you can make and keep this year.   Driven by industry Best Practices, here are three ways to make this your best year in Information Technology ever.

  1. Book a meeting with your Disaster Recovery Plan. Yes, I am serious! Create a calendar entry right now, book a meeting room, schedule the team, and make it happen.  We all know that having a fully tested and complete Disaster Recovery solution is vital to the health and continued success of your business.  Out of sight, out of mind is not a Plan.
  1. Security is a Competitive Differentiator. Use the power of technology to manage risk and ensure compliance with a view across your enterprise. Develop a security Framework that delivers effective outcomes. Know what your security exposure and remediation and compliance strategy for 2019.
  1. Why Cloud, Why Not – Am I Ready.  Your business relies on availability, scalability, and technology to maximize the value of your JDE deployment.  Cloud computing is the norm for everything in today’s business. Empower your business to compete in today’s marketplace and maximize your 2019 budget by keeping expenditures predictable.  Start your steps now to a successful cloud journey.

IT must sunset traditional Data Center strategies and transform itself away from monolithic designs, and labor-intensive execution.

Join me throughout 2019 in a series of Webinars “The Recovery Café “ and shared thought leadership including case studies and articles to be shared within your organization.

Our first webinar of the series:  Keep your New Years Resoltuion. Book a Meeting with your Disaster Recovery Plan.   Register today.