Be Bold - The Customer's guide to maximizing the benefits of Managed Cloud Services

April 21, 11am CT

Yes, the cloud is here to stay. It is no longer a hypothetical 'thing' and is being adopted at rapid rates. It is well proven and for a majority of companies, it is no longer ‘if’, it is ‘when’ they will move to the Cloud. Cloud has impacted IT, in virtually every industry around the world.

It all starts with the benefits, have you dug in to what it can do for your organization? It is a bold and a strategic move for traditionally on-premise organizations. How can you gain leverage? The differentiators of automating the launch of an environment, incredible scalability and flexibility, resource utilization to higher priority business needs, the integration into one holistic cloud platform for all your databases, networks, mobility, other clouds, 3rd party applications, and much more. What about those cost savings? What could they be, and could lowering capital costs be one of them? Don’t work in single functions, push your environment to its potential.

In this webinar Paul Cioni will talk specifically about benefits you will want to gain for your business. Once you know that, you can easily start the planning.


Paul is a technology leader with 20 years of extensive technology, operations, and product experience in managed and cloud services.

Testing those new Orchestrations: From pretty good testing to awesome

April 28, 11am CT

So, you’ve been building Orchestrations, manually testing and validating. Did you know that you can use Orchestrator to test your Orchestrations? This is “The System Testing the System”. It’s time to move to a better method to ensure you’re Orchestrations are ready for production.

Don’t miss Phil Myrant as he explores tools and techniques to help you achieve your testing goals.


Phil Myrant is an enterprise architect and technologist with 25 years in system integration and automation. He has worked with JD Edwards for last 20+ yrs concentrating on IT solutions and applying new innovations to the disruptive world of technology.