Hosting JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


  • Increased agility and decreased IT complexity of a cloud-based approach 
  • The ability to protect your investment  
  • The ability to maintain the customization of your existing applications

The Choice and Control to Make Your Digital Transformation Easier

If you are considering moving your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne from on-premise to the cloud, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is potentially an excellent choice to facilitate your business improvement or digital transformation 

The cloud deployment of JDE provides numerous opportunities for your business. It helps support growth and expansion into new countries, regions, and markets, Improved access to tools to build and perform analytics and    

Denovo helps you optimize your investment in JDE on OCI.  Our customers can stay current with JD Edwards innovation without the need to rewrite your applications, plus, cloud-to-cloud integrations can help you more easily improve and simplify processes allowing you to implement Software as a Service (SaaS) applications. 

 Utilizing OCI, Denovo helps customers decreases infrastructure, license fees, and management costs while providing improved security, lowering operational issues, and reducing downtime.  

It’s time to Optimize with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS)

Discover the benefits of moving JDE to OCI with Denovo, call us today and learn more 


  • Pre-tested JDE Reference Architectures 
  • Off box virtualization to protect your data 
  • Preconfigured mandatory security best practices 
  • Data Safe and OS security (Autonomous Linux) 
  • End-to-End Warranty 
  • Global Delivery Footprint 
  • Options to use Oracle Autonomous Database (2x databases, 20 GB each) 
  • 2 Virtual Machines (1 GB Memory each) 
  • Storage  
  • Networking/Load Balancing  
  • Monitoring/Notifications  
  • Free inbound data 
  • Data encryption for data at rest as well as in-transition 
  • Customer isolation 
  • Configurable security policies 
  • Support for third-party software solutions 
  • Easily connect remotely 
  • Auto scaling features 
  • Industry standard backup policies—automate daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly 
  • Options for complete, application level Disaster Recovery 

  • Reduced costs and consolidated infrastructure 
  • Reduced risk with end-to-end security 
  • Fewer operational issues 
  • Protection against technological obsolescence 
  • Improved agility 
  • Mobility and flexibility 
  • Faster and more efficient scalability 
  • Reduced downtime 
  • Better performance 
  • Improved collaboration with external suppliers, vendors, and partners 
  • Much higher resiliency then on-premises infrastructure 

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