Perks of Remote Working

working remotely

The concept of remote working used to be somewhat of an old tale that was told around the office cooler during break time: “I know a someone who knows a someone whose cousin works from home remotely.”

Nowadays, more and more employees are opting to work remotely as both they and the companies that they work for benefit greatly from the arrangement. In 2019, The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that around 20% of all Americans were working remotely.

This “workplace revolution,” as some are calling it, is only growing in popularity as the years go by. We’re going to look at five benefits that employees get from working remotely:

More Productivity 

Think back to your last—or current—office job. How many times were you in the middle of doing something important when Phil from Accounting excitedly stopped by your cubicle with photos of his weekend trip to the museum of Pez dispensers?

While they may seem like minor inconveniences, and you may feel socially obligated to converse, these small interruptions in your daily work life can cause your productivity to go way down.

Working from home offers very few distractions, and you can concentrate on getting work done. It also requires a certain amount of self-discipline, and this can lead to increased productivity on its own.

No Commute to Work

While some remote workers only work part-time at home and the remainder in the office, the vast majority work hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their corporate headquarters.

After all, sitting in rush-hour traffic at 6 am is not anyone’s idea of fun. Neither is the equally long return trip home. That time could be better spent with family, loved ones, or just relaxing on the couch while everyone else sits in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Stop-and-go traffic can also cause an extreme amount of wear and tear on your car. More frequent oil changes, expensive brake pad replacement, and new tires can really put a dent in your bank account.

It’s nice to be able to roll out of bed, grab some breakfast, and head on over to your laptop to begin the workday.

No Dress Code

No matter how expensive your professional work shoes or clothes are, chances are you can’t wait to get home and throw on a pair of comfy blue jeans. Working from home allows you to wear whatever you want—just as long as you remember to take off that tattered 1986 Metallica t-shirt when you’re on a video chat with your boss.

The average American office worker spends hundreds of dollars on clothes and dry-cleaning bills every year. However, cost savings aren’t the only benefit of wearing what you want. We tend to be more productive when we’re wearing comfortable clothing—instead of clothing that adheres to a company dress code.

Choose Your Own Workspace

Working in the same cubicle day after day can wear some people down. As a remote worker, you can choose your workspace for the day. Don’t feel like sitting at your home office desk? Grab your laptop and head on over to your couch. Tired of the view from inside your home? Grab your laptop and head on down to your favorite coffee shop.

Even if you choose not to stray from the desk you’ve carefully arranged inside your home office, it’s just nice to know that if you feel like working in another location, the only thing holding you back is whether or not it has an internet connection.

Higher Job Satisfaction

People who work remotely tend to have a much higher job satisfaction rate than those who don’t. The reasons for this can vary. Some people dislike working in an uncomfortable office chair with fluorescent lights glaring overhead. Others dislike the long commute to work.

Many remote workers find that working from home motivates them to succeed more so than working in a traditional office. They feel empowered to take control of their job and challenge themselves to reach new heights and take on new challenges.

Is Remote Work Right for You?

While there are many benefits to working from home, some people prefer the daily social interaction they get in a traditional office environment. However, if you have good self-motivation, enjoy the solitude of working by yourself, and can adhere to a routine, then working remotely might be right for you!